In This I Believe My North Stars

This is my non-manifest, if you will.

My declaration of independence from the crap that doesn’t mean anything to me.

These are the things that guide this blog, my work and my life. My North stars.

My Creed

I believe in the soul. Of persons, blogs, things, ideas. Of everything that’s done with courage, with heart.

In writing barefoot, with eyes full of dreams.


I believe in vulnerability. In being honest, in recognizing the failures and trying to mend the errors. In the greatness of which humans are capable of.

In responsibility. In dealing with the consequences of my actions. In learning to do better. In taking things seriously, and in being able to laugh at myself.

I believe in possibility. In not giving up. In getting up after you stumble. In trying again. In inventing a new way of doing the same things. In discovering another way, a window. A shelter to rest for a while.

I believe in the poetry of the wind and the music of the rain. In the evening’s serenity and a new daylight. In the next dawn. In the curves of the road.

In the humanity that exists between bits and pixels.

I believe in stories and in those who know how to tell them. In the way stories tell us who we are, and why we’re here. In the ability they have to illuminate the path and tell us where we’re going.


If you believe in at least one of these things, come, sit next to the fire. Pull your pixels closer, and come tell and hear stories.

If you don’t believe in any of this but you want to stay here, it’s fine. You can sit as well.

Whether you believe in the same things I do or not, I believe in you. 🙂

Image: D Sharon Pruitt – CC-By