Storm and Wind Dullahan - Book III

Book Info

Release Date: TBA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Status: Planned

Dullahan Series

  1. Shadow and Bones
  2. Fire and Mist
  3. Storm and Wind
  4. Caeron’s Story
  5. The final book

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Ulysses’ story. You’ll meet him in Fire and Mist.

Unedited Teaser – From Fire And Mist

Caeron opened the door and stared at a broad chest. Startled, he looked up. The black, bald man standing in front on him was a behemoth.

“Hello.” His voice was impossibly deep, his expression friendly. “My name is Ulysses.”


“Right.” Caeron snorted. “So you’re what, seven hundred years old?”

“Yes and no.” Ulysses rubbed the back of his neck. “If you’re counting since the first time I was born, yes, about seven hundred years. Otherwise, I’m about two years old.”

Caeron and Rhys just stared at him, Caeron gaping and Rhys with his usual stony face.

“I’m going to put a sign on the door: no supernatural solicitors. Keep out,” Caeron finally grumbled. He’d add a “quirky persons quota exceeded” for good measure.

“Dude, I’ve never had to explain this before.” Ulysses shrugged, and Caeron thought about Atlas. Ulysses’ shoulders were broad enough to warrant the comparison.

Ulysses turned to Rhys. “You called me. Why are you surprised by my presence?”